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Beaver Computer Consultants has offerings to help you address the following questions relating to the use of computer systems and the internet to deliver your business processes.

Over the past year the UK government and business organisations have strongly recommended the adoption and use of targeted web and e-business methods to provide better service and ensure the UK's competitiveness. This recommendation extends to the private sector, central and local government and public services, and of course promoting its use by the general public.

To support these web and e-business initiatives various government resources have been made available, some general, others specific to the government or private sector, a number of key sites are presented below
  • The Governments CITU (Central IT Unit) is co-ordinating a number of central, local, and public sector plans and advises on IS and IT strategy's for e-service delivery initiatives, successful project management, and monitors government projects and programmes. This site includes the "Modernising Government" white paper, government and public sector call centre guidelines, Senior Responsible Owner guidelines for central and local government and public sector IT projects and programmes which is equivalent to the business owner.
  • DETR Best Value initiative consultation paper detailing objectives and metrics for providing best value for central, local and public services customers, and includes an element of IT and communication systems as well as general business processes and organisational arrangements, reflecting Beavers systems based approach to improvement. This paper details the objectives, scope, targets, and performance management regime that will be applied to central and local government and public sector bodies, and presents an overview of partnership arrangements, and pilot scheme case studies.
  • Again part of the DETR site, this link is to the consultative paper on Targets for Local Government under the Information Age initiative described on the CITU site above.
  • Government sponsored web site Information Society Initiative (ISI) provides an overview Government policy for small firms, and outlines advice for small firms on IT best practice and the role of the internet, e-business, and m-business issues and IT in business, presenting case studies, and providing links to regional government advice centres.

For some of these initiatives performance metrics and time scales for levels of compliance have been set. But what difference will this computer, communications, and best value initiatives make? Where should organisations concentrate e-business and m-business projects? What are the problems and are there any dangers of having such a dependency on computer and communication systems? Read about how Beaver can assist you in meeting these challenges and maximising your opportunities.

Find out how these recommendations may affect you and what you should consider doing by reading our services offerings. What ever your needs Beaver will be able to offer practical advice.