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See these pages to follow devlop and improve your internet service.

E-volutionary stages of your web site - the various functions of a web site

How can people find your site - from advertising to search engine and directory listings for high rankings driving visitors to your site

Will the user like the site? Optimisation and user experience

How many people visit your site and what do they do there - tracking and statistics

Keep users coming back and building a relationship

Doing business over the internet

Beavers web site statistics and optimisation service and links to free and low cost web resources for DIY'ers

You've acquired an internet name, arranged web hosting, and developed your web site. Congratulations - you have now entered the world of e-business to some degree. So its all done then? Perhaps not. The initial steps are merely scene setters. To make a web site work you need a support organisation but this fact is often ignored. Beavers unique approach is to combine a model of your business and market, with your future vision, and identify how to use the internet to maximise business benefit by applying various methods and technologies. Then we can help you develop and maintain a web site that can be found by users, is ranked highly by key search engines, downloads fast, is useable, and integrates well into your business.

Consider the findings from recent research of the behaviour UK web users and the 24 hour society, sponsor by FirstDirect and BT. The surveys show that many sites are failing to live up to customers and prospective customers expectations, highlighted concerns include;

  • Very slow site downloads
  • Slow response to e-mail enquiries
  • Website hard to navigate
  • Goods not delivered on time
  • Limited product information
  • Technical problems with the site
  • Service did not fulfil customers expectations
  • Too much advertising clutter
  • Access problems
  • Hard to make a purchase
    In addition to the above concerns also exist over security of the site. Users find many sites lack means of fast contact, such as by phone, or integrate in to expected service models, such as personal visits to the client. If users do not find your site or having problems using it, they are likely to end up on a competitors site. At the moment only a small percentage of internet users actually purchase over the internet though this is increasing. Many use the web to search out products, compare, and research a subject area, using a fast and accessible environment, they then follow up with a traditional means of contact. So developing a site is only half the story, you'll need to understand the nature of the customers using the web and how they use the web as part of an integrated activity.

    The links in the left hand box provide an over view on aspects of developing businesses web site, internet, and m-business capability. This page concludes with an outline of our support services such as those covering our web site promotion and visitor tracking services.

    Ask yourself is the site working and is it cost effective. For example do you know how many visits you get, from where, what search words where used? How do you do against your competitors? Can you tell the difference between a visitor, which might not bring any business value to you, and a customer or real potential customer? Does your site keep bring people back and create a relationship with them? Does your site link up with your existing business and telephony systems and do you take information from the web site and feed it into the business, identifying what the market wants, and following up leads, and take information from the business and update and refine the web site? These are the types of questions we'll help you to answer and provide you with an over view of the solutions we can deliver to allow you to develop and evolve an e-business strategy and then to actually realise the business benefit.

    Our approach is based on firstly understanding the role of the web site in the business model, the purpose it services, how you plan to get and do business using the site, and ensure users will be able to find and use the site with the equipment they have. By monitoring how many users you get and learning something about where they come from and what they do on your site you'll be able to start making better decisions and ensure the maximum business benefit is realised from your site. This all sounds straight forward and to a degree it is, unfortunately in the rush to get on to the internet and into e-business, concepts such as a business plan and strategy, have fell by the wayside. We are starting to seeing site and company failures, many more just don't provide any business benefit, but are not draining company resources so the board is not to concern. However even this is a danger area as the business may say the costs small lets leave it but other businesses in your area or industry sector may well be doing better than you using the internet and e-business and will be increasing their business value. In the section below we'll described the various aspects of web site support services available from Beaver and introduce you to our basic support package.

    Lets review your situation. Did you have a clear plan for what the web site has to do for your business and do you know how your web site fits into your business model? If not the chances are you will not maximise your business benefit through the internet or e-business medium. In fact research from the Standish Group, such as the CHAOS report, suggests at least 75% of investment in e-business projects will fail to deliver an appropriate level of business benefit, this finding is supported by Garnter and other groups too. Remember in this new world there is a danger that competitors can quickly gain competitive advantage and start to increase market share possibly taking away your existing business too.

    Your defence is to have a business plan for the web site or e-business development and to monitor the performance of the site and business against the plan, and as the markets changes and you understand more about your customers, to refine the plan and site. So start off by creating a business model and carry out a web site health check to ensure best practices are being followed and that your site is maximised for realising its business benefit.


    Website analysis services

    Beaver Computer Consultants will be happy to work with you on a one off assignment to help with developing your site or e-business strategy. We can put together a customised support package to evolve your site and your business to bring increased business benefits. To start with you may wish to consider our sub subscription services, such as our standard package outlined below, which is designed for organisations with a site whose purpose is web presence and basic information provision;


    As an idea of costs for a basic support service budget a 600 set up fee, and 300 month, for which you'll receive a report evaluating your sites effectiveness and where appropriate making recommendations, which either Beaver or your own webmaster or IT consultants can implement. The intial set up services can be extended to include an analysis of the market place you operate in and of your key competitors. From this we perform a gap analysis. The results form a key input into the business plan for the website. This is a cost effective solution. Consider if you were to do the same work yourself


    • 750 per year for subscription costs to search engine and web market reports and supporting software. You'll need to find up to an hour each week to read the updates.
    • 100-150 in the first year for purchasing testing and optimisation software
    • 250 each year as a minimum to use a reasonable commercial, not free, tracking service provider, depending on the number of web site visitors.
    • 3250 in the first year equillevent to cover your staffs time of say 40 hours to study the issues before you start, and then spend several hours per month doing the work such as reading statistics reports, checking your web sites performance, and search engine rankings, and learning to use the various software packages. That's before making any changes to ensure your web site is bring visitors and links into your business model, which of course, will change over the year.

    We think you'll find the total DIY cost is significantly more than our fees in the first and subsequent years. And in addition we'll outline a business process model and development strategy for you which is added value over other separate subscription services. Contact us for full details and terms and conditions. We also offer services for one off assignments or regular web site maintenance support including;


    • setting up an FTP site and adding code to your site to allow uploading or down loading of brochures and documents
    • adding contact and survey forms which when completed on line will be delivered to you automatically by email
    • adding news letter subscription boxes, to which you then provide us with the text for the news letter, and we'll send out to the subscribed members and track visits back to the main web site if this strategy is used.
    • changing site text content and updating an meta-tags and keywords.

    If you do not want a long term subscription service Beaver will under take a high level review of your site, listing the issues based on this set on information notes, and producing a short action plan. The cost for this service is 300. If you are interested in either of these services please call us for further details or use our contact us form, and include on it, if its an existing web site, the web site address. Our staff will them contact you to discuss the service in more detail and determine if its suitable for you.

    Once you have an action plan perhaps you would rather under take the corrective work yourself, or even carry out the review. If so we have prepared a summary of web resources that will start you off. We are always happy to under take short 1-3 day assignments with the objective of knowledge and skills transfer, providing 1 to 1 or small group mentoring, covering these methods, developing a business model, and learning how to use the various software applications and services. Please remember though Beavers is not just a web or solutions developer, our speciality is in developing market driven and business model based solutions using requirements and iterative, risk based, development methods, and we are are happy to discuss various approaches to helping you. This approach allows you to have an AS-IS model of your business and site, collect feed back data, under take what ifs, and develop new VISIONS and blue prints for the TO-BE or next generation of web site and your total e-business system, with in a continuous improvement framework.