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On our Web Services page we described how to develop your web site to ensure it meets the business need, can be found using internet search and directory services, loads fast, and is user friendly. We also introduced you to Beavers subscription based service. If you wish to learn more about web development or under take the web development, web site promotion, and site maintenance yourself, then to save you the time in searching for web resources Beaver offer you the following links, with no liability, which provide free or low cost web resources to get you off to a quick start. We trust you'll find them useful. If however you find you do not have the time or inclination or need help then please consider Beaver Computer Consultants support services.
Search Engines and Directory Links

The following sites


  • meta tag support, checks if present, what's allowed, disallowed and makes basic recommendation. Does not however count body text and compare to tags, which is a ranking method used by some engines and directories.
  • good overview on search engines and directories.
  • web master gold, search engines support, and ability to periodically check rankings on a number services.

Site Optimisation, Navigation, Links Integrity, ISP performance

The following sites


  • net-mechanic provides tools to check down load times, if this is caused by large graphics it has utilities to shrink large gif and jpeg file formats, check html code for browser compatibility issues, and the likely functionality of the web for various browsers and options enabling such as JAVA, according to the general user population.
  • Brooklyn North Software Works, Inc / Exit-0 software tool Blueprint
  • ISP performance

Tracking the number of users to your web site

The following sites


  • counter service 1
  • counter service 2
  • high cost racking tool
  • Websauge for those with their own server where they can install software

Business Model Templates

The following sites


  • Casewise supply a number of tools with templates and a generic template can be viewed on their site using this link
  • Beaver offer a simple high level business model based on generic processes here and would recommended its customisation by identifying the internal processes within each of the main processes. You can also add information such as market size, target market share, end to end response time, and utilisation levels. We would also suggest adding an goal-objective-barriers model such as this example from the Rational site and explicit link how goals or methods of removing the barriers are linked to either the processes, services or other requirements, including PR, marketing, and organisational requirements contained in the supplementary specifications. We also suggest adding the necessary services or functions and the data to each process to either flow down into the UML use cases or other method to establish the required application functionality to implement the defined processes.

We are always happy to under take short 1-3 day assignments with the objective of knowledge and skills transfer, providing 1 to 1 or small group mentoring, covering these methods, developing a business model, and learning how to use the various software applications and services. Please remember though Beavers is not just a web or solutions developer, our speciality is in developing market driven and business model based solutions using requirements and iterative, risk based, development methods, and we are are happy to discuss various approaches to helping you. This approach allows you to have an AS-IS model of your business and site, collect feed back data, under take what ifs, and develop new VISIONS and blue prints for the TO-BE or next generation of web site and your total e-business system, with in a continuous improvement framework.