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Need a web site, e-business system, or communications system?

While Beaver provides business and system analysis, specification, and project management services we are not limited to pure consultancy. Through our business partners can provide solutions and under take turn key solutions development. If you want a web site or a home for a site, a CRM or e-business solution or manufacturing control system we can help. Beaver will under take the underlying business analysis, producing specifications, overseeing testing, and operational readiness, and generally co-ordinating and project managing to ensure delivery of business benefit, while our partners will provide development and implementation services.  If you need a web site our web management services can then help to drive users to your site, monitoring how many, where they came from, what they did on your site, and help you to build a relationship with them and turn them into customers. Our experience covers a broad range of applications including call centres, control rooms, plant monitoring, resource and asset management and tracking, and in association with our partners we can offer;


  • Web site, e-business, m-business and communication systems development. Partners include those with Microsoft MSCD's certified personnel, with generally the resource covers the following skill areas including HMTL, DHTML, WML, JAVA, ASP, PEARL, CGI, Visual Basic, C++, Coldfusion, Macromedia, and a variety of work flow and CRM applications. They are also experienced in database solution technologies including Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, data server administration and performance tuning, and integration with web sites and other computer systems.


  • We can support the development, installation, configuration and management of networks, operating systems, and infrastructure technologies including NT, MS 2000, Unix, and Apache servers, clients, fire walls, security service layers such as SSL, and telephony communication systems including voice, SMS, WAP, fax, and data services. We can advise on various technology options including IDSN and ADSL.


  • We also work with emerging adjacent solutions and technologies, including hand held mobile solutions such as PDA's using various OS and applications, PDA wireless connections, WAP, and point of sale systems, card based data systems such as SMART cards, bar coding and RF tagging. These can be used to provide a variety of mobile solutions covering for example providing means for remote information request and delivery, location tracking, asset management and inventory control, as well as the general ability to access your office systems remotely.


  • If you need site web hosting, management, or co-location of servers with high through put internet connections, and farmed application and data servers and security services our Partners can provide excellent value standard packages or custom solutions.

The combination of Beavers capability in analysis, modelling, specification, testing, operational readiness services, and project management with those of its development Partners, provides you with a one stop solution. We can competitively match the services and costs of large consultants, software houses, and prime contractors. In fact Beaver and its Partners often provide services for large contracts to some of worlds largest prime contractors and consultancy's to work on major, high profile, projects. The same personnel and support is now available to you. Contact us for specific details and to discuss your requirements.

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