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Beaver Computer Consultants Ltd respects your privacy. The information that you provide us with, or that is gathered automatically helps us to monitor our service, deliver appropriate services to our markets and provide you with the services that you sign up for. Remember any personal information that you submit through the discussion board, contact forms and (un)subscribe forms may be collected by others.

By using our site you agree to accept this Privacy Policy and Terms of Use and understand that our policies may change with time. Changes to our policies will appear on this web page.

If you have any concerns, questions or comments please email all@beaver-consulting.co.uk

Privacy Statement

  1. Beaver Computer Consultants collect personal information provided by users on the contacts form, newsletter subscribe form or discussion board. Non personal data is also collected and processed as described below.
  2. Information provided by users of the web site is processed according to the needs of the user. Those requesting the newsletter will be signed up to our newsletter service. Those completing the contacts form will be processed according to the options they complete at the time of submission.
  3. Where users subscribe to newsletters, dicussion forums or other services Beaver Computer Consultants Ltd may offer from time to time, Beaver shall take appropriate steps such as checking with the subscriber they do infact wish to subscribe to the service. Forums and other services may take additional steps and provide user options to limit the type of information they receive. This helps to prevent spam.
  4. Where contact infomration is collected, email, postal or phone Beaver may decided to provide details of its business services from time to time.
  5. Details of web site users IP address and other data is logged on the web server as well as site searches made and the results returned. This information does not personally identify users. Logged data is analysed to understanding site users behaviours.
  6. Beavers web discussion board provides for opt-in registration and registered users may benefit from using additional discussion board functions. E-mail addresses are collected by Beaver and used to provide information on using the web board and may be used to send details of Beavers services. Poll information may be used to collect group opinions - poll data results will not identify individual users or personal data.
  7. The only cookies used on the website are those related to the web discusson board and are used to manage sessions. Beaver do not use cookies to track individual users or group behaviours. Cookie acceptance may be set by users browser preferences.
  8. Users of the web board may complete a personal profile. Beaver does not screen its discusson board users. Users should only provided information they are happy for other site users to see. Information included in the profile or discussion post including ideas, concepts, news, names and contact information will become public, even if posted as a private message between board users. Users can decide whether to give a public email address using the options function for registered board users.
  9. Beaver may include web beacons in HTML-formatted email messages or other materials. This may be graphics or "single" pixel images that are not generally visable or links. Beaver may collect such information to monitor which messages or documents are opened and acted upon, for example following a link back to Beavers web site. Such information is limited to the IP address of the user.
  10. Beaver may use information collected from the web site to understand the needs and interests of site users and clients so as to provide information and services that are useful.
  11. Information will be kept on file for marketing purposes and if phone or postal contact details are provided by users on the contacts form Beaver may use such information to make voice or postal contact concerning its service offerings. Information provided to us to identify customer needs and opportunities and to offer such prototypes, papers, or products to selected users registered with us for the purpose of obtaining feedback or as part of our marketing activities.
  12. Beaver will not provide individual, personal, collected from the web site to other companies or organisations. Beaver may published or share with third parties statistics and information based on non-personal, aggregated information derived from information collected from the site.The data holder is Teresa Ransley who may be contacted by phone or at the address given on our contact page.
  13. On the web site links are provided to other sites. Beaver Computer Consultants does not make any claim to the accuracy, reliability or decency of such sites or the products or services they offer.
Terms of Use

Information, services and offers posted on the web site are for information only. No contract shall be created by reading or replying to information. Separate contracts will be drawn up the parties for the provision of any service from Beaver Computer Consultants Ltd.

Beaver Computer Consultants Limited make no warrany on the accuracy or correctness of information provided on the web site and users would need to obtain appropriate advice or satisfy themselves of the correctness or accuracy before using such information. Information and other downloads including whitepapers, applications and scripts are provided as is.

Beaver Computer Consultants Limited acknowledges the owners of all copyright, trademark, and other marks used on the site.

Users of the site shall not republished, license, reverse engineering or derive works from Beavers materials provided on this site.

Users shall not abuse services provided by Beaver on this website, including discussion boards, email contact forms and newsletter sign-ups. Beaver will co-operate with legimate authorities investigating abuse of services.