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Site Optimisation and User Experience

So now people know about the site and start to visit. Step one completed. However internet users, both business and consumer, are fickle and studies show how easily they become bored if they can not quickly find what they want, leading them to "click off" to the next site on the list. So you need to ensure having got the user to the site you hang on to them. Outlined below are some basic rules to ensure you have an acceptable site, not just the contents, be that the text and graphics, but the mechanics of the site and how the user perceives the site;


The lesson is that to retain customers on your site and avoid premature click off's you need an optimised site in terms of infrastructure such as the servers and internet communications channel with highly available power supplies and building access security, as well as good web page code. Remember, if they visited once and clicked off they are unlikely ever to visit again, but make the site usable, and they come back, and also are likely to tell friends and associates.

Link here to return to Beavers main web site evolution page or here to read about how you can find out how many site visitors you have, where they come from, what they do on your site, and how to use this information in your business planning.