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Beaver Computer Consultants Limited - Consultants in systems engineering for business, mission and safety critical systems

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We host a discussion forum which provides an opportunity for everyone to ask any questions, discuss key topics and participate in online debates relating to requirements management and project and programme management. The community welcomes discussions on practical application of tools to support these work streams.  Join the community!

The site contents are listed below;

1 - You probably entered this menu from this page which is an introduction to Beavers web site and is our home page.
2 - This page lists a number of questions you may be looking for answers on or scenarios that apply to your business. Each set of questions has links to other '' find further information on the subject, details Beavers relevant services, and in some cases other web resources.
3 - Services capability overview, detailing methods and standards that we have used, and have expertise in are detailed here.  We specialise in requirements management, to learn more about our generic process, obtain a copy of our free Requirements Management Primer guide, and learn more about our specialist services using DOORS and Requisite Pro to support CMMI, RUP, IEEE 1220 and other processes in rail and other safety or business critical environments click here.
4 - Outline of how we do business and the working relationship to wish to enter into with clients is on this page.
5 - An overview of Beavers background, organisation, and values. Learn a little more about us on this page.
6 - A summary of best practice for IT and engineering projects, outlining the main work streams, and the iterative, risk based approach as used by Beaver Computer Consultants can be found here
7 - This is a summary page listed links to various web resources covering systems and software engineering, best practice for IT and business process improvement, safety, project management including PRINCE, and other topics. Additional links are given on specific pages. We also have a separate page of links to resources for free or low cost web site promotion, design, visitor tracking and statistics services, and search engine optimisation - follow the links from the questions page above or use this link here .
8 - A summary of our major clients giving details of the assignments, scope, methods used, and partners with whom to have worked can be found on this page.
9 - News about Beaver Computer Consultants staff, presentations, and contracts as well as general industry sector news is on this page.
10 - Details of how to contact us by email, web server form, phone and post on this page.