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Business Continuity Assessment, Planning, and Management Services

With businesses being highly dependent on computers and communication systems, and with increasing regulatory requirements, do you have security and business continuity concerns? Have you evaluated the threats from viruses, unauthorised access, theft of data or equipment, failure of equipment or facilities such as building fires, floods, loss of power or telephone lines? How vulnerable is your business and how effective are your management arrangements?

We can undertake business continuity reviews, including those for IT security based on BS 7799 and CRAMM, and establish the potential impact on your company then identify counter measures, and assist in developing and exercising contingency plans in case an event does occur. Remember aspects of security are important in complying with the Data Protection Act and implementation of privacy and security policies required by many companies, and increasingly are looked for by many customers. A formal security and continuity management process is valuable in demonstrating your own capability.

Beavers experience in business process modelling, mapping the resources, technologies, and applications used in your business, including machinery and processes, allow us to identify the effect of failure or threat against any aspect of your business and establish its impact. We'll perform structured threat analysis using methods such as check lists and HAZOPs based on your processes and systems to assist in identifying both the threats, the causes, and existing counter measures, there expected efficacy, and establish whether you have a defence in depth policy, which means you have layers of protection. Beavers experience originates from its involvement in the analysis, design, and operation of safety-critical and high-availability systems details of which can be found here.

Following the analysis we'll profile the risks, identify options and improvements, and formulate a counter measures plan which produces a level of residual risk which is tolerable to the business. Our counter measure plans include the methods and arrangements to monitor whether the counter measures are established and evaluate how effective they are as well as identifying any changes to the profile.

Once a counter measure plan has been established, if you need us too, we'll assist in its implementing as well as running performance tests to establish its effectiveness and the level of readiness your business has to implement it. Its surprising how many organisations have plans but the personnel are not really familiar with them, keys and ID numbers for backup systems can't be found, that the data is not up to date, or backups don't work. When your business stops that is not the time to find out.your continuity arrangements do not work. Let Beaver help you manage the risk in a structured manner.

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