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We believe it is important for both you the client and ourselves at Beaver understand how each other wish to work together on a project. A clear understanding assists in ensuring each others expectations are met and we achieve the best working relationship. When working on an assignment our preferred approach is to;

  • spend some initial time, at no cost, understanding you and what you want us to do.
  • We will then prepare proposal based on a defined time, subdivided into a number of stages, each with clear deliverables and success criteria.
  • We are happy to cost either fixed rate, as long as the number of iterations and level of detail is scoped, or to work on a time and materials basis. Payments will be related to agreed product based milestones.

Our approach reflects our belief in development methods such as RUP and RAD, we'll review the exact working plan for each iteration or phases, as it arises. We use a modified form of the client-consultant PCG contract. We'll be happy to discuss the details with you. Please ask.

We also believe in any engagement a user centred approach is important. We will clearly state the level of support that we need from you both at managerial and operational levels, perhaps even your clients and trade bodies, and to agree this. In terms of support from you and your business, its not just a matter if say a weekly progress meeting but a level of active participation. We like to work with a "champion". While this may need additional planning, the quality and ownership of the results justify this approach, and its helps with transfering some knowledge and skills into your organisation to give you your own capability.

Assignments maybe from a few days to provide some high level advice or facilitation, or longer, perhaps 6-12 months to support you through a particular business proposition or project. Either way we are willing to help and tailor a package to fit your needs and aim to build a long term relationship with you that benefits both parties and your customers.